A lot of people are probably wondering why we were “offline” for a while (for about half of our population), nothing to worry about! It was a complete mistake on our end. We aren’t selling, we aren’t closing down, NO PANIC! We simply messed up. We are dealing with multiple servers supporting the massive amount of visitors to our main website, to our video server, to our chatrooms and now we have a new project in the works (yes, the word is out, it wasn’t supposed to go this way…) we are working on a new project called “scuffedporn” (pretty edgy huh?!) and IP’s simply got mixed up in the process! We aren’t going anywhere, ever ! We have some extra special content ready for you all today to make up for it! SORRY, WE MEAN IT! GO NOW AND NUT! If you want to stay updated on these happenings make sure to click the link below!: Follow us on twitter here for updates!
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