Hi there thothub visitors 🙂

First of all , let me apologize for the extended downtime on the videos !

First we got struck with a terrible 20 minute blackout in our server room which resulted in multiple system failures and repartitioning of both the video server and the backup server at the same time (talk about bad luck). After getting those back up we got hit with a 20 hour DDOS attack on our backend, we decided to move to an entirely new data center for the videos.

Main website is running smoothly, the videos should be running smoothly (at least 90% of them, please report when you find one that isn’t working).

The last thing we are working on is fixing our members only chatrooms, which got hit in the same outage that hit the video server before christmas… Talk about bad luck.

We will do everything in our power to get them backup within 24 hours of this status update!

Once again, sorry and have a nice rest of your days!

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