What is online-casino-13.pro premium ?

Thothub Premium is exactly like the Thothub you know and love but with an exclusive members area. It’s got added features and content. Think Spotify or Runescape – you can use Spotify for free but you can also buy memberships to Spotify Premium or Runescape and enjoy a far better experience. You will only be charged once per month with the first month paid upon joining.

What extra content do I get ?

In addition to the daily posts, images and videos already on Thothub for free, you get access to the exclusive members area, where more content is being added every day. This is all unedited and high quality. The top shelf content comes from all areas of the internet and shared directly within the community. On top of that you get access to a members only forum, chat room and file sharing drop box.

How much is it ?

0.99$/month for normal membership 2.99$/month for supporter membership

Is it secure and discrete ?

Absolutely, we use the best 3rd party payment processors on the market. Stripe will give you access to credit card, bank contact, IDEAL and SOFORT payments and off course we also support paypal checkout. The charges will showup in a discrete way without any mention to online-casino-13.pro. We use an up to date SSL encryption on all our pages so you don’t have to worry about your payment information getting stolen!

What about my account and anonimity ?

Your profile name (nickname) can be chosen once you signup to be the public name you are recognized by. Your name will not be visible to other members nor on your profile. IP’s are not logged and never will be.

Can I cancel anytime ?

We are confident you wouldn’t want to cancel ! Nonetheless, it is incredibly easy to do so. Just cancel your monthly sub via paypal hassle free and the payments will stop at the end of the current subscription cycle.


Account sharing ?

A script will be keeping track of any and all attempts to share your account information and login attempts and according to our Terms Of Service we are allowed to cancel your membership at any given time. We allow up to 2 devices max to be logged in at any time, if you share your information your account will be blocked.

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