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Winning the Prize in Lottery: How Easy Is It?

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How Easy Is It?

Even though it is essentially a gamble and the odds are equal for all participants at least in principle these few tips can help you attract more luck on your part and who knows? maybe you will even win the big prize at the united kingdom lottery.

Sounds logical?Winning the Prize in Lottery

The month has 31 days, and the numbers over 31 are played less theoretically the chances of winning increase thus, if you play bigger numbers.

Do not choose numbers from the same category

Specifically, do not put on the ticket all the numbers between 20 and 30, or 30-40, 10-20 etc. If you look for some statistics and data on previous extractions, you will notice that rarely more than 3 numbers from the same category have been winning.

Don’t limit yourself to just one lottery game

More than sure you think of 6 out of 49 indeed there are the highest prizes. However, there is also a small chance of winning 1 to almost 14 million.

Try your luck at other local lotteries. At 5 out of 40 chances are around 1 in 700,000, and in Joker the chance of winning in category I is 1 in about 1,200,000. You can also try to participate online and in international lotteries.

Help yourself with statistics

When choosing numbers, you can also help with the complex databases you have access to through the great World Wide Web.

Whether you have the chance, or not, there are some numbers that appear more frequently in extractions than others.

We have taken these data from the official website of the Romanian lottery , which can be helpful in this regard for any lottery enthusiast.

Use lotto tools that offer various platforms

The example above with the frequency of extracting certain numbers helps you choose what will most likely be extracted.

You also have other types of tools. Even if we said at a previous point that it is not advisable to rely on random combinations of numbers, when you have no inspiration or desire to analyze statistics you can use automatic generators. Also, there are some pairs or triples of numbers that appear more frequently and about them you can find statistics that will help you when choosing the combination of numbers you bet.


This advice is somewhat related to the first more tickets, more chances of winning. But you can not always afford to put as many variants as you want. For this, you can join a group of players in the lottery.

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